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It’s Earth Island’s 20th anniversary, and our annual Party for the Planet takes on a special significance. The party will take place at San Francisco’s historic Avalon Ballroom on Friday, October 25, 2002, featuring organic food and wine, live music, and chats with the activists who’ve made Earth Island possible. Buy tickets for $150 each, or reserve a table for $1,500, or become a Party Sponsor at one of three levels: Earth ($10,000), Wind ($5,000) or Fire ($2,500) — or volunteer. Please contact Rita Bregman at (415) 788-3666 ext 121 or For more information, see

City Talk is beginning outreach to community groups in San Mateo, California to encourage them to link with groups in Entebbe, Uganda. One of City Talk’s aims is to link Americans and Africans in discussion on issues such as development versus the environment; fair trade, debt relief and population pressure. For more info:

Fran Macy of Center for Safe Energy (CSE) will be honored in October in St. Petersburg, Russia with the Nuclear-Free Future Award (a project in the Spirit of the World Uranium Hearings) for his contribution to the Russian-American anti-nuclear, alternative energy movement. Fran was one of the first to initiate cooperation between grassroots anti-nuclear movements in Russia and the US in 1991, when he brought a high-level environmental delegation to Moscow, Minsk and Kiev through an invitation from the Green World Organization. Since then, Fran, in alliance with Lydia Popova, Aleksei Yablokov (also honored) and others built the Nuclear Watchdog Network, now made up of over 20 grassroots organizations located in cities with nuclear installations. For more info:

Faultline Magazine ( has launched the California Environmental News Roundup, with links to environews throughout the state. It’s updated daily, and it’s

EII’s latest voice on the Internet, The-Edge: Eco-Journalism from the Brink, edited by Gar Smith, is now up and running. The new site includes the popular “Ecomole” column, “Hoots and Hollers” (frontline reports on the struggle to defend life on Earth), “Around the Bend” (investigative reports), “Solutions,” and “Smithereens” (opinionated commentary from Gar). Check it out at Gar’s article “Now, That’s Real Homeland Security!” from the Spring 2002 EIJ has been picked up by the May/June issue of Utne Reader. Bravo!

Earth Island’s friend Marc Bekoff reports that Mark “the Bermanator” Berman of International Marine Mammal Project led a lively discussion at a meeting of the Performing Animal Welfare Society in May, in Sacramento, CA. The meeting’s theme: “The war on wildlife: Human/wildlife conflict around the world.” Mark showed slides of dolphins being tortured for food in Japan, and one of a man surfing on the back of a captive dolphin in a water cage in the Philippines. Productive discussion ensued with regard to the inhumane “sport” of dolphin surfing, as well as the fate of captive dolphins in general.

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