Letters to the Editor

Bird Damage

In “Buy the Numbers” in the Winter 2008 issue, you report that wind turbines account for a relatively low number of bird deaths. If buildings, cats, cars, and power lines are taking such a huge toll on bird populations already, I believe it is irresponsible to knowingly add wind turbines to the kinds of death traps, even if their impact is “tiny” in comparison.

Wendy James

Berkeley, CA

Population Calculation

The tremendous increase in human population is the reason for the urban sprawl and the lack of “nature” you write about in the editorial in the Winter 2008 issue.

We quite likely went past “peak oil” in 2004 or 2005. We are running out of water in many places. Forests are disappearing, and, in another generation or two, there will be no life left in the oceans. And yet, the message everywhere is that “we need growth” and millions and billions more humans.

Each one of us who has procreated is personally responsible for urban sprawl and for the end of all systems that support life.

The bad news is that if we try to reduce human numbers by fertility reduction alone, that takes 60 years. We do not have 60 years.

Kerttu S. Lund
Oklahoma City, OK

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