Computing Your Tree Debt

ECO-Tourist Journal

The fast-growing Leucaena tree can store up to 50 pounds of CO2 each year, or nearly one ton over 40 years of growth. ECO-Tourist Journal and the Global Cooling Action Center have tabulated how many Leucaenas need to be planted to offset the per capita CO2 pollution caused by the following activities:

  • Ride a motorcycle 4,000 miles = plant a tree.
  • Ride a jetski 100 hours = two trees.
  • A seven-day trip on a cruise ship = 1.5 trees.
  • Fly 4,000 miles in a jet plane = three trees (one to offset CO2; two more to offset the greenhouse effects of water vapor and nitrogen oxide).
  • Burn 100 gallons of gas driving a car = one tree.
  • To offset the 612 pounds of paper an average US consumer uses each year = three trees.
  • Make 20,000 photocopies = one tree.
  • Use 1,000 Kwh of electricity = one tree.
  • Purchase a new car = 200 trees.
  • If the car is an SUV getting 15 mph = 320 trees.

ECO-Tourist Journal [1402 East Las Olas Blvd., Suite 904, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301, (954) 463-0158]. Global Cooling Action Center [Box 1786, Silver Spring, MD 20915, (301) 929-0239].

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