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Bob Wilkinson, president of Earth Island Institute, and Paul Horton and Rhys Roth, co-directors of Climate Solutions, have announced that Climate Solutions will become independent of Earth Island Institute effective April 1, 2003. Climate Solutions joined Earth Island Institute in 1999 following a merger between Energy Outreach Center, a Washington-based nonprofit organization, and Atmosphere Alliance, a long-time Earth Island project.

“Earth Island Institute is an innovative organizational home for many environmental initiatives,” said Wilkinson. “While many of our projects have found a long-term home in our network, we have regularly supported those projects that choose to set off on their own. We are proud of the considerable accomplishments of Climate Solutions in the four years since its founding and are confident that it will continue to be a positive force for change in the future.”

Climate Solutions now becomes a Washington nonprofit corporation and a 501(c)3 organization with the mission of stopping global warming at the earliest point possible, by helping the Northwest become a leader in practical and profitable solutions. Paul Horton and Rhys Roth will continue to share executive responsibilities, with Horton acting as managing director and Roth as director of strategy and programs.

Since Earth Island’s founding in 1982, some 60 projects have called Earth Island home, and among the notable projects that have gone on to independence are Rainforest Action Network, International Rivers Network, Northern Appalachian Restoration Project, Urban Habitat Program, Bluewater Network, and Sea Turtle Restoration Project.

“Climate Solutions has been fortunate to work with Earth Island Institute as a project incubator. The infrastructure support, program guidance and dynamic community of activists and environmental leaders has allowed Climate Solutions to mature into a strong, independent organization,” said Horton. “From the very beginning, we saw Earth Island’s network approach as consistent with our own commitment to creating partnerships and meaningful collaborations.”

In the last four years, Climate Solutions has cultivated clean energy partnerships that bridge traditional political divisions and set the pace for climate protection worldwide.

“I can’t think of another major environmental organization where we could have found the freedom, encouragement, and support to create a project with so much potential for positive change on this critical global issue,” concludes Roth. “Earth Island fosters innovation and nurtures fresh ideas.”

For more information about the work of Climate Solutions, please contact Paul Horton ( or Rhys Roth, ( (360) 352-1763; or visit

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