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New Book Offers a Roadmap for Change Makers

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Some of the world’s most inspiring and effective leaders are not even old enough to vote, yet they are already making a lasting impact on the world.

The Young Activist’s Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World features the inspiring stories of some of the nation’s most phenomenal youth activists in the green movement today. Written by Brower Youth Awards program advisor Sharon J. Smith, the book distills young leaders’ hard-won lessons into a powerful and effective roadmap for getting organized, taking action, and changing the world.

Many of the young leaders featured in the book are winners of Earth Island Institute’s Brower Youth Award. For example, readers will meet Jessie-Ruth Corkins, whose science project saved her school $90,000 by greening its heating system, and Billy Parish, whose small student group became one of the most influential coalitions in America addressing climate change. These eco-role models and others have made national headlines for passing legislation, founding nonprofits, protecting local wildlands, and raising millions of dollars for sustainability – all before their twenty-third birthdays.

The book is already receiving rave reviews. Annie Leonard, creator of the online phenomenon, The Story of Stuff, says, “Everday I get hundreds of emails from Story of Stuff viewers, asking what they can do to make a difference in the world. Now I can simply tell them one thing: Read The Young Activist’s Guide to Building a Green Movement. Really, everyone should read this book.”

Today’s young people have a commitment to the environment far exceeding that of previous generations. According to the “Generation We” survey, 94 percent of millennials agreed that our country must take extreme measures to protect the environment. The Young Activist’s Guide arms those proto-leaders with the tools they need to put that passion into practice and effect change.

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