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Working with the Environment,
by Tim Ryder and Elisabeth Roberts,
Vacation Work, 2000

This book provides information on paid and volunteer opportunities, both in the US and abroad. The chapters are divided by area of focus, such as wildlife and habitat conservation, organic agriculture, and eco-tourism. Thumbnail sketches on over 275 organizations, plus contact information, help make this book a useful resource. As this book is printed in the UK, there is a heavier emphasis on information pertaining to that part of the world. If you’re considering studying in the UK, this book will give you a wide range of info on undergraduate/postgraduate courses there.

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The Complete Guide To Environmental Careers in the 21st Century,
edited by Kevin Doyle,
Island Press, 1999

Want an in-depth look at what it really means to be an environmental professional? Look no further than this book. Each chapter will provide you with details on job opportunities in various areas of environmental careers, including demand for professional, key job titles, and guidelines for expected salary. You’ll also read profiles of people who have been working in the environmental profession, giving you a better idea of what really happens after graduation.

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Careers in Focus: Environment,
Ferguson Publishing Company, 1999

Designed for high school students, this book gives excellent guidance on how to plan ahead for a future as an environmental professional. You’ll learn which subjects you’ll need to focus on, and the personal skills you should have or acquire. For each of the 21 professions profiled, you’ll learn more about prospects for the future, as well as organizations and associations you can contact for more details about opportunities.

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Green At Work,
by Susan Cohn,
Island Press, 1995

The bulk of this book is made up of Q & A profiles on over 70 individuals, from communicators to engineers to self-employed entrepreneurs. The tone is very relaxed and conversational, but the format can become a little tedious after 200 pages. The book also contains a bibliography of recommended readings, plus a listing of more than 400 companies, with details about their environmental programs and policies. Sadly, the contact information for each company lacks web addresses, probably because the book was originally printed in 1995.

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What Can I Do NOW? Preparing For A Career In The Environment,
edited by Andrew Morkes,
Ferguson Publishing Company, 1998

This book gives high school students a fairly narrow overview of careers available in the environmental field. Its value lies more in the details it offers about camps, college courses, competitions, conferences, field experience and internships in the US. Best of all, this book encourages young people to make their own projects based on their own specific environmental interests.

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Making a Difference, Scholarships for a Better World,
by Miriam Weinstein,
New Society Publishers, 2000

Paying someone to do your homework for you is absolutely forbidden except in the case of this book. You’ll have access to scholarships specific to colleges and universities, and loads more from a wide range of sources, available for students from age 8 to 98! Certainly there are some sources for funds that aren’t listed in this book, but if you’re hard-pressed for cash, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive list.

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Making a Difference, College & Graduate Guide,
edited by Miriam Weinstein,
SageWorks Press, 2003

A very thorough and up-to-date guide on North American universities and colleges that offer programs on environmental, peace, and social justice. The author leaves no stone unturned in providing details about available programs. Additionally, the book offers some great articles on such topics as how to select a college, and the general state of modern education. You’ll also get comprehensive profiles of several students, a listing of graduate programs, field studies, summer institutes, activist training opportunities?eed we say more? Save yourself countless hours of Internet searching. This book is critical if you’re serious about a future in environmental education.

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A Sword for Mother Nature: The Further Adventures of a Fish and Game Warden,
Terry Grosz,
Johnson Books, 2002

For more than 30 years, Terry Grosz was a conservation officer for California and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This book, Grosz’s fourth, contains 13 stories highlighting some of his adventures while enforcing wildlife law. If you’re considering a similar career path, Grosz’s tales will give you an incredibly vivid picture of what you’re up against. For anyone else, these stories will still provide an enjoyable read. Grosz’s engaging style grabs you hook, line, and sinker. These stories will make you howl, either with laughter, or with frustration at the obstacles a conservation officer faces in order to protect our wildlife.

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