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The shadow of the September 11 terrorist attacks follows us all into the New Year. Yet despite the horror of those events, Bluewater Network can mark 2001 as another year of progress. Bluewater has succeeded in increasing people’s awareness of the environmental impacts of their actions, helped corporations consider the long-term environmental effects of their business practices and brought attention to the lack of regulation of large ship emissions and waste.

Here are some of our recent victories:

  • Bluewater proudly co-sponsored the opening of the nation’s first retail biodiesel station, making this renewable fuel available to diesel car and truck drivers for both commercial use and individual consumption.

  • Bluewater sponsored precedent-setting legislation in the California Assembly to address greenhouse-gas emissions from California’s transportation sector. AB 1058, the first bill of its kind in the nation, will require the California Air Resources Board to develop a plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from passenger cars. The bill has passed the Transportation and Appropriations Committees and is headed for a floor vote.

  • Bluewater brought the designers of the Solar Sailor, the world’s first hybrid solar-electric and wind-powered ferry, to the Bay Area to meet with ferry operators, public officials and transit agencies. The San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority agreed to evaluate the Solar Sailor as part of its alternative fuels study for the Bay Area’s fast-ferry system.

  • Bluewater spearheaded a coalition to foster the production of biomass ethanol in California, a renewable fuel alternative with exceptional environmental benefits. Based on the coalition’s advocacy, the California Energy Commission plans to offer $25 million in incentives to biomass ethanol producers.

  • A Bluewater Network lawsuit forced the National Park Service (NPS) to agree to close all national parks to personal watercraft (PWC) by 2002, unless the craft can be proven not to harm wildlife and the environment. The suit resulted from a partial NPS ban, which left 21 parks vulnerable to PWC damage. In addition, the NPS finalized regulations that will phase out recreational snowmobile activity in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks by winter 2003/2004.

  • As a result of another Bluewater lawsuit, the EPA must now reduce the tremendous levels of smog, airborne particles and toxics emitted by container ships, oil tankers and cruise ships by March 31, 2002.
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