Bari and Cherney vs. USA

Eleven years ago, a car bomb nearly killed two Earth First activists. Darryl Cherney was temporarily deafened and partially blinded. Judi Bari was severely injured when the bomb detonated directly beneath the driver’s seat.

Judi and Darryl were bombed during organizing efforts for an anti-clearcutting campaign called “Redwood Summer.” Moments after the blast, Oakland, California police and FBI agents arrived on the scene. The wounded activists were arrested and charged with planting the bomb.

It later was revealed that the FBI lied about the location of the bomb. Judi and Darryl sued for false arrest. Judi died of cancer in 1997 but the trial (Bari and Cherney vs. USA) is set to go before a federal judge in October.

For more information, visit Judi’s website:

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