Our Covid-19 Coverage

Exploring the links between the coronvirus and the environment.
Wildlife Tourism Can Pose Disease Threat to Wild Animals

Tourism is a powerful conservation tool, but when people get too close, it can also facilitate spread of dangerous pathogens.

Brianna Grant

BLM Planning Vast Overhaul of Greater Chaco Land Management Plan During Pandemic

Online comment sessions render many voiceless against plan prioritizing fossil fuel production on federal and Native lands in New Mexico, opponents say.

Randall Hyman

Fenceline Communities and Green Groups Call for EPA to End ‘Free Pass’ for Polluters

Agency’s current enforcement discretion policy undermines protection of environment and public health when we need it most, advocates say.

Fiona McLeod

The Shale Bubble is Bursting. Let It.

Bail out people, not polluters.

Jennifer Krill

After the Pandemic, Let’s Relearn How to Really Connect

I hope that when all this is over we will put our devices away when we are blessed again with social closeness.

Paul Keeling

US Pipeline Projects Move Forward Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Environmental advocates call for nationwide moratorium on pipeline construction and approvals, citing threats to environment, vulnerable communities, and workers.

Fiona McLeod

Single-Use Plastics Are Not Safer

The plastics industry is exploiting people’s fears of contracting Covid-19 to push its agenda.

Emily DiFrisco and Sandra Curtis

Watching Wildlife While Social Distancing

Around the country, Covid-19 has shut down wildlife programs and nature walks. But on Cape Cod, marine mammals and shorebirds live on, and naturalists continue to observe.

Rachel Sturges

Coronavirus Complicates Fight against Desert Locust Invasion in East Africa

Shutdowns could impede treatment and monitoring efforts, experts say, fueling further concern about food security in the region.

Sophie Neiman

Years that Ask Questions, Years that Answer Them

In this year, we have learned beyond a doubt, what we never quite believed before — that we human beings are not in charge here.

Kathleen Dean Moore

Hit Hard by Covid-19, the Navajo Nation Finds ‘Strength in Sovereignty’

The tribe’s resourceful efforts to protect its people might help the Navajo Nation avert the worst projected outcome of this pandemic.

Fiona McLeod

Born Out of Need, New Localized Food Networks are Emerging

The Covid-19 crisis underscores the flaws in our broken multinational food system. It also offers a chance at devising solutions.

Audrey Mei Yi Brown

Coronavirus Pandemic Leaves Indigenous Lands in Borneo at Risk

With in-person protests suspended amid shutdown, companies continue to destroy rainforest.

Fiona McAlpine

Why We Shouldn’t Push for a Closure of China’s ‘Wet Markets’ 

We should focus instead on getting wild and exotic animals out of what are essentially the Eastern equivalent farmers markets.

Latoya Abulu

Looking Beyond Pangolins and Chinese ‘Wet Markets’ to a Culture of Racial Bias

The spread of Covid-19 exposes, exacerbates, and weaponizes existing socioeconomic inequities.

Jeff Conant

Don’t Let Disaster Capitalism Dictate the US-Kenya Trade Agreement

Trade policies written in the shadows while the public is distracted always have terrible consequences for working people and the planet.

Will Wiltschko

EPA’s Enforcement Shutdown During Pandemic Puts Americans At Risk

Coupled with the agency’s deregulatory agenda, lack of monitoring and enforcement raises the risks faced by vulnerable communities living next to polluting industries.

Zoe Loftus-Farren

In Crisis, Learning from Ecologies of Care

Transforming our relationship with nature can help us build the future we want as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Gaurav Madan

The COVID-19 Stimulus Package Must Do More for Food System Workers and Families

The stimulus doesn't go far enough to protect family-scale farmers, food workers, and local food businesses that have been hit hard by this crisis.

Chloe Waterman and Jason Davidson

Alberta Props Up Keystone XL Project With $7.5 Billion Cash Injection

Cash promise for the controversial oil pipeline comes just days after province cut $100 million from public education citing a funds crunch due covid lockdowns.

Ron Johnson

We Need Our Tropical Forests More Than Ever

Our violent disregard for biodiversity and our own part in the web of life has generated a perfect storm of global proportions.

Jeff Conant

Coronavirus Stimulus Plans Must Address Climate Crisis, Green Groups Say

Economic relief is essential, but it shouldn't entrench fossil fuel dependence across the global economy.

Fiona Harvey The Guardian

Oil Freefall Shows US Economy ‘Still Too Reliant’ on Fossil Fuels

As coronoavirus pandemic shrinks demand for oil, experts say it's time to move towards alternatives.

Andy Rowell

Evangelical Group to Contact Indigenous Peoples in Amazon Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

A fundamentalist Christian organization has purchased a helicopter with plans to visit and convert isolated groups in remote Brazilian rainforest.

Sue Branford

Stopping the Coronavirus: Knowing how Viruses Adapt from Animals to Humans

Due to continuing deforestation, bushmeat hunting, and caring for domestic animals, this will certainly not be the last deadly virus from wild animals to infect humans.

Frederick Cohan, Kathleen Sagarin, and Kelly Mei

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