The Debt Ceiling Bill Came with Some Bad News for the Environment

Unpacking changes to NEPA embedded in the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

Paul Krantz

Stalking the Jaguar Trade in Suriname

Is this small, densely forested country the new hub for transnational criminal networks trafficking jaguar “glue” to Asia?

Santiago Wills

Coffee Rangers

With tourism slumping during the pandemic, a ranger exchange program in Nicaragua made a major pivot — to an organic café.

Jeff and Kate Zylland

A Last Chance for Animals and Plants Extinct in the Wild

Study maps 72 species that are now confined to zoos and botanical gardens, on the brink of complete extinction.

Duda Menegassi

Community Care in a Troubled World

It’s critical that we name the existential crisis that we are in, and relearn our interconnectedness, says Susanne Moser.

Laurie Mazur

Bluelining — Tackling an Emerging Climate Justice Issue

Analysts note early signs of financial discrimination in climate vulnerable regions, suggest safeguards.

Maureen Nandini Mitra KPFA - Terra Verde

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Autumn 2023

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Age of Fire

Our world has been radically altered by capitalism and our appetite for fossil fuels.

Maureen Nandini Mitra

Meet the 2023 Brower Youth Award Winners

From building food sovereignty to mobilizing for orca conservation, young people are stepping up to lead the environmental movement.

Journal Staff

Major Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project Unveiled for SF Bay Delta Region

Unproven technology poses health and environmental risks to frontline communities.

Gary Graham Hughes KPFA - Terra Verde

Why My Small Park Matters, and So Does Yours

If you’re skeptical about their value, just ask a kid.

Eric Freedman

Forensics for Wildlife

In Eswatini, Africa, a molecular biologist will help prosecute poachers.

Nokukhanya Musi-Aimienoho

The Proposed Ambler Road Will Harm Alaska’s Kobuk River Ecosystem and its People

The road would cut across one of the wildest places in Alaska.

George Wuerthner

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