The Sturdiest Place in the World

I once believed there was no safer place than New Jersey’s Money Island. I certainly didn’t think that within most of our lifetimes, all of this would be gone.

Andrew Lewis

How Much Longer Will Wild Coho Hang on in the Golden State?

As wild salmon teeter closer to extirpation in central California, conservationists work to rewild the floodplain and reshape our relationship with it.

Austin Price

In Surprising Shift, Conservative Utah Creates Plan to Tackle Climate Crisis

Concerned about its air quality and economy, Utah joins the ranks of red states addressing global warming.

Andrea Smardon The Guardian

Inside America’s ‘Crunchy Conservative’ Counterculture

For some, being environmentally conscious is a fundamentally conservative idea.

Scott Jackson

Extensive Chemical Safety Fraud Uncovered at German Testing Laboratory

Revelations have major implications for animal rights as well as public and environmental health.

Jonathan Latham

Militant Mariners

In Review: Chasing the Thunder
Directed by Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin

Ed Rampell

Current Issue

Winter 2020

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Stopping the Coronavirus: Knowing how Viruses Adapt from Animals to Humans

Due to continuing deforestation, bushmeat hunting, and caring for domestic animals, this will certainly not be the last deadly virus from wild animals to infect humans.

Frederick Cohan, Kathleen Sagarin, and Kelly Mei

Deadly Fungus Could Decimate Salamanders in the US Southeast

Scientists say it’s only a matter of time before disease arrives in Appalachia, a hotspot of amphibian biodiversity. They’re doing what they can to prepare.

Kyle Ritland

Second Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Worker Found Murdered in Mexico

Body of part-time tour guide Raúl Hernández found days after that of reserve manager Homero Gómez González in Michoacán.

David Agren The Guardian

Young California Ranchers Are Finding Ways to Raise Livestock and Improve the Land

New generation is experimenting with small grazing animals like sheep and goats that can reduce fire risk and improve soil health.

Kate Munden-Dixon and Leslie Roche

Massive Solar Farm Clears a Path Through the Mojave Desert

For some, the Gemini Solar Project represents a big step forward on the path to clean energy. But in southern Nevada, conservationists witness the cost on the landscape.

Austin Price

Ugandan Climate Activist Vanessa Nakate on Being Erased from a Movement

Nakate was cropped from a photo with white activists. Now she’s battling for diversity in environmental activism.

Kenya Evelyn The Guardian

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