The PFAS Action Act Falls Short of Protecting Public Health

HR 535 seeks hazardous designation for only 2 out of 6,000-plus compounds in this toxic group of chemicals; provides inadequate funding for remediation.

Pat Elder

We Need Our Tropical Forests More Than Ever

Our violent disregard for biodiversity and our own part in the web of life has generated a perfect storm of global proportions.

Jeff Conant

Saving Mexico’s Lost World

Microbes have lived in Cuatro Ciénegas for 500 million years. They’ve survived countless cataclysms and extinctions. But can they survive us?

Carrie Arnold

An Uphill Task

In India’s Nilgiri Mountains, ecologists are working against time to undo colonial forestry practices that have damaged this unique landscape.

Colin Daileda

Reorienting Our Relationship with the Land through Ritual

In Review: The Promise of the Land: A Passover Haggadah

Zachary Goldberg

A Planet of Missing Beauties

Mourning the world I thought I grew up in, and the birds I thought I knew.

Tom Engelhardt

Current Issue

Spring 2020

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On Climate Change, Kids Should be Both Seen and Heard

WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission report calls for amplifying children’s voices in climate discussions and decision-making efforts.

Rachel Sturges

How the World’s Fattest Parrot Came Back From the Brink

New Zealand’s kākāpō has long been endangered, but when a deadly fungal disease struck the country’s vets came to the rescue.

Kate Evans The Guardian

What Lies Beneath

In Review: Underland: A Deep Time Journey by Robert Macfarlane

Gerry Wingenbach

Women Fighting the Climate Crisis

Women’s Earth Alliance

Courtney Bourgoin

In Afghanistan, a New National Park Carries Hope for Conservation and Peace

The Bamyan Plateau Protected Area, the country's 5th national park, holds an abundance of rare wildlife and undisturbed habitat.

Erich Orion

Where Arctic Cod Goes, Marine Mammals Follow

Increased ship traffic in the warming Arctic drives fish away, study shows, spelling larger impacts on the marine food web and the communities that depend on it.

Austin Price

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