Urban Beet

Website: http://www.urbanbeet.org/

Based in Maryland, and led by 2020 Brower Youth Award winner Chander Payne, Urban Beet builds urban farms for homeless shelters and schools in underprivileged communities. Urban Beet applies a three-step approach to connect people with the planet for the healing of both. The project starts by identifying shelters and schools in need of fresh food and then collaborates with them to design and build a productive community garden at no cost. People experiencing homelessness are taught how to grow food in harmony with the planet using Urban Beet’s educational materials, creating a community of caring and curiosity. Lastly, Urban Beet ensures that the farm remains healthy in the long term by hosting community workdays to foster togetherness and connection. The project currently has farms in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Michigan, with an ongoing mission to plant more seeds and spread more love.

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Director: Chander Payne

c/o Earth Island Institute, 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460, Berkeley, CA 94704