Herbicide-Free Campus

Website: https://www.herbicidefreecampus.org/

Herbicide-Free Campus envisions a toxin-free world created by student action. Founded by University of California, Berkeley, students in 2017, Herbicide-Free Campus has since built a nationwide grassroots movement that empowers the next generation of environmental leaders to create safer, more sustainable living and learning environments for all by starting locally and advocating for organic land care on campuses. Its Fellowship Program guides students through the launch of an herbicide-free campaign, providing education, capacity-building, mentorship, and a nationwide network of peers. The Herbicide-Free Campus campaign is committed to building bridges between the diverse areas impacted by herbicides — workers’ rights, human health, waterway integrity, climate change, soil health, and food systems — to educate about the interconnectedness of these issues and advocate for comprehensive, radical change. Herbicide-Free Campus hopes that its impact ripples beyond campuses to create new standards for human and environmental health in communities, public spaces, and public policy.

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Director: Mackenzie Feldman

Herbicide-Free Campus c/o Earth Island Institute, 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460, Berkeley, CA 94704