Green Life

The Green Life holistically supports individuals affected by incarceration to find and nurture passion, purpose, and leadership that creates thriving lives for us and our communities and seeds wellness, restorative justice, and re-entry work with specialists who know the landscape firsthand and belong to the most affected communities.

Our environmental literacy peer-education program is led inside San Quentin by incarcerated individuals, and individualized reentry planning and support. In 2018, we launched the Environmental Leadership Training and Education Program for Formerly Incarcerated Adults: providing grassroots environmental leadership training and research opportunities to Green Life program participants and Peer Leaders; forming partnerships and opportunities within the greater reentry network, local environmental organizations, and education programs in Alameda County that will uplift the voices of underrepresented communities that are most impacted by mass incarceration, environmental pollution, and health disparities; advancing environmental justice and community capacity-building opportunities for people in reentry; and developing and establishing relationships between the Peer Educators and community members of East and West Oakland to advance environmental justice.

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Director: Angela Sevin

2150 Allston Way, Suite 460 Berkeley, CA 94704

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