Friends of Alemany Farm


Friends of Alemany Farm is a fifteen-year-old grassroots, community-based agricultural project. The farm itself is San Francisco’s largest and most productive agriculture site; in partnership with the land, the project feeds at least 7,500 of San Francisco’s low-income, food-insecure residents each year by growing and distributing 25,000 pounds of free, organic fruits and vegetables. The Friends of Alemany Farm mission is to sow the seeds of food security, food sovereignty, and food justice among marginalized communities in southeast San Francisco through service, collaboration, and education. The project envisions a city in which low-income, frontline populations grow and prepare their own food in abundance, contributing surplus to a hyper-local, hyper-affordable local food network — one in which city residents foster equitable, restorative, sustainable, and life-giving relationships with each other and with the Earth.

Director: Abby Bell & Jack Thomas

Mailing address: c/o Earth Island Institute, 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460, Berkeley, CA 94704. Alemany Farm is located at 700 Alemany Boulevard in San Francisco.