California Institute for Community, Art & Nature

The ​California Institute for Community, Art & Nature (California I CAN) was launched in 2016 by Malcolm Margolin shortly after his retirement from the venerable publishing house he founded in 1974, Heyday Books. California I CAN is dedicated to showing people what a different world might look like — a world in which the integrity of nature is honored; where love of place shapes and defines us; where community gives us the security we need to become our true, unique selves; and where a widespread engagement in the arts connects us to the natural world and to each other. We immerse people in stories, observations, visions, and adventures that expand our imaginations and provide tools for engaging with a changing world. Our programs are revelatory and emotionally moving. In the words of the Ohlone language spoken in the San Francisco East Bay, “tappe ta-k hinnan” (we learn with the heart). Our three main program areas are: preserving and supporting California Indian arts and culture; promoting the City of Berkeley, California, as a center of social, cultural, and political innovation; and creating public programming weaving the arts and the environment together.

Location: Berkeley, California

Director(s): Malcolm Margolin
Address: c/o Earth Island Institute, 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460, Berkeley, CA 94704