Press Release

Earth Island Institute Statement on the Death of George Floyd

There is no environmental justice without racial justice

Our thoughts are with Black communities that are in deep pain right now following the death of George Floyd, whose killing is the latest in a long history of perpetuated violence against Black people in the United States.

We stand in solidarity with Black communities, and we remain committed to shedding light on the many intersections between the environment, racial justice, and equity in our country.

We know that Black communities are disproportionally impacted by environmental degradation. This burden correlates directly to systemic racism, oppression, and white privilege.

We cannot continue on this path.

International in its scope, our work crosses boundaries and borders to bring together people who are fighting to create a world in which healthier living environments can be accessed by those who are marginalized.

Environmental justice is a human right. And there is no environmental justice without racial justice.

As environmentalists, activists, and citizens of this country, we must continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to unite and create a world in which we protect each other and this planet we call home. We remain committed in this fight, now and every single day as we march forward.

David Phillips
Executive Director
Earth Island Institute