Stopping Unlawful Wolf Hunts

Photo by Frédéric Vigne


Project Coyote, in coalition with several organizations, sued the state of Wisconsin over its decision to authorize a quota of 300 wolves for the November 2021 wolf hunt, on top of the 218 known killed in a February 2021 hunt. The combination of two killing seasons in a single year with high quotas raised concerns among advocates and scientists about the survival of the Wisconsin wolf population at risk. The lawsuit alleged that the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board disregarded the recommendations from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and chose to set an arbitrary and unsustainable kill level without regard for the health and well-being of the wolf population or sustainable ecosystems in which the wolves play an integral role. The lawsuit also alleged that the 2011 law that requires Wisconsin to hold an annual wolf hunt is unconstitutional. It asked the Dane County Circuit Court to overturn the law, reverse the quota set by the board, and enjoin the Wisconsin DNR from issuing licenses for the November hunt. The parties dismissed the lawsuit as a result of the gray wolf regaining endangered species status.

Significant Developments

October 22, 2021: In the News - Wisconsin Public Radio

Dane County judge temporarily bars Wisconsin's wolf hunt, orders DNR to set quota of zero wolves

October 22, 2021: Press Release

State Judge Issues “Dramatic Decision” in Striking Down Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

October 22, 2021: Case Update

Judge grants plaintiffs' request for an injunction and requires that the Wisconsin DNR set the quota at zero wolves for the upcoming wolf trophy hunt.

August 31, 2021: Case Update

Complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court to stop the fall 2021 wolf hunt and overturn the law requiring an annual wolf hunt.


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