Protecting Raptors, and Other Wildlife, from Lethal Rodenticides

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Raptors Are The Solution (RATS) filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act for failing to adequately analyze the impacts of anticoagulant rat poisons on the state’s raptors and other wildlife. Specifically, RATS challenges the department's renewal of the registrations for various rodenticides without considering the magnitude of their impacts, including mortality, sublethal impacts, and genetic impacts. In 2018, as a result of the lawsuit, DPR agreed to reevaluate second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides. The lawsuit remains active as it is also requesting that DPR reevaluate diphacinone, a first-generation anticoagulant rodenticide that has been linked to immune system impacts in bobcats and other wildlife, and to deaths and illnesses in many other wildlife species.

Significant Developments

May 23, 2023: In the News - San Francisco Chronicle

California regulators will reassess widely used rat poison

September 27, 2022: Case Update

California's First District Court of Appeal reverses the trial court and rules that the California Department of Pesticide Regulation must fully consider evidence of diphacinone impacts on non-target wildlife.

September 27, 2018: In the News - North Coast Journal of Politics, People, and Art

Owls of the Bell Tower: Learning from the loss of Ferndale's feathered family

June 13, 2018: Case Update

Raptors Are The Solution filed petition for writ of mandate against the California Department of Pesticide Regulation in the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Alameda.


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