Challenging Sediment Removal Project in Louisiana's Barataria Bay

Photo by Steve Martarano, USFWS.


Earth Island Institute, the International Marine Mammal Project (“IMMP”), and A Locally Empowered Response Team Project (“ALERT”) are suing the Army Corps for approving a sediment removal project in Barataria Bay that would divert immense volumes of sediment and freshwater from the Mississippi River to the Barataria Basin in southern Louisiana. The large-scale diversion will have serious adverse effects, including permanently altering the water quality in the Barataria Basin, impacting human health, and disrupting (or even destroying) commercially important fisheries, threatening the livelihoods and economic stability of many residents for decades into the future. Additionally, the diversion would modify and destroy the habitat of several endangered or threatened species, such as the piping plover, the red knot, the Kemp's ridley sea turtle, the loggerhead sea turtle, the green turtle, and a local population of resident bottlenose dolphins. 

Significant Details

January 11, 2024: Case Update

Complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana alleging violations of the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, and Administrative Procedures Act.


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