Requiring the Truth about Toxic Rodenticides

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Raptors Are The Solution (RATS) filed a lawsuit against rodenticide manufacturer Bell Laboratories, Inc., in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia under the District’s Consumer Protection Procedures Act (CPPA) for misleading consumers with false statements about its deadly rat poison products. Specifically, RATS alleges that Bell Laboratories’ statements that its rodenticides are “sustainable” and “#earthfriendly” are designed to appeal to the growing constituency of consumers in the District of Columbia and around the country who care about supporting environmentally-friendly companies, and use their purchasing power to manifest this care. Their products, however, are far from “sustainable” as they are infiltrating the natural food web and causing widespread poisoning of wildlife. The CPPA allows nonprofits such as RATS to bring a suit on behalf of the general public for a company’s misrepresentations about its products and services.

Significant Developments

January 17, 2023: Press Release

Wildlife Advocacy Group Sues Rat Poison Manufacturer Bell Laboratories, Inc., over Misleading Product Claims

January 17, 2023: Case Update

Complaint filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court against Bell Laboratories, Inc., alleging claims under DC's Consumer Protection Procedures Act.


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