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Help Make St. Maarten the Caribbean’s First Dolphin Defending Nation!

I recently visited the lovely Dutch island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean, where I had the privilege of meeting directly with the Prime Minister Sarah Westcot-Williams and other government representatives to talk about captivity in dolphins and why St. Martens should ban such activity in their country. The meeting was arranged by our friends at Dolphin Defenders St. Maarten, one of the many grassroots activist groups around the world fighting for dolphins.

We presented Prime Minister Westcot-Williams with a draft law to ban dolphinariums in St. Maarten – the country could be the first in the Caribbean to take this step of stopping captive dolphins being brought into the country.

Dozens of captive dolphins are now languishing in poorly maintained dolphinariums and swim-with-captive-dolphins tourist exhibits around the Caribbean. It is unhealthy, and it is deeply inhumane. St. Maarten has a chance to set a precedent here, AND YOU CAN HELP!

Sign the petition!

This draft law is not about being against something. Rather, proclaiming St Maarten a Dolphin Friendly Country is about being for something. It is for the future, for tourism, for the youth, for St. Maarten. If the youth of St Maarten get this law passed they will move on to bigger and better things, and St. Maarten will be the environmental star of the Caribbean.

You can help the effort to protect dolphins in St. Maarten and set a precedent for other countries to follow by signing the petition.

Thank you for your help! If you would like to donate to support our efforts around the world to protect dolphins and whales, go here.

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