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Despite a 1989 ban on the international trade in ivory, illegal ivory sales have exploded once again, devastating African elephant population. Some conservationists argue that only a legal and controlled ivory trade can curb the current poaching crisis. Others disagree, arguing that in a world of corrupt governments, a legal ivory market will only incentivize poachers. What do you think? Would a legal ivory trade help protect elephants?

Editor's Note: We have suspended voting on this readers poll due to concerns that the poll results are being digitally manipulated by some kind of auto-voting program to skew the results. Like all of our reader opinion polls, this poll is not a rigorous representation of public opinion, and simply reflects the views of those who opt to participate. Our concern is not that one interest group is trying to boost the vote totals – which would be a totally reasonable exercise in demonstrating popular support – but that they are doing so via software chicanery. We hope to re-open this poll once we are satisfied that it is not being rigged.

Sorry, This poll is currently closed to voting.

pie chart of response percentages

  • YES, a legal ivory trade would help stem the poaching crisis. — 9062 votes
  • NO, a legal ivory trade would lead to more elephant poaching. — 4673 votes

Total Votes: 13735


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