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The Mauna Loa anomaly

George Bush is President. That’s the bad news. The good news, at least from the point of view of climate aficionados, is that with Russia’s recent ratification, the Kyoto Protocol is about to enter into force – on Feb 16, to be precise. It’s not the turning point – not yet – but it’s a step, and it might just be enough to take us onto ground that’s firm enough to support…
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by: Tom Athanasiou – Spring 2005

Too much of nothing

Climate Change Update

EcoEquity The US continues to push an insane climate policy. We cannot avoid a climate catastrophe without a massive energy technology revolution. It's getting harder to hide the climate crisis. February saw a landmark conference in Exeter, UK, in which leading scientists drew a clear, unambiguous line. No more "uncertainty" for these guys. As John Schellnhuber, director of Cambridge's Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, put it: "We now know that if we…
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by: Tom Athanasiou – Winter 2006

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