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King Coal is Losing Its Crown

Mining industry is facing a raft of problems domestically and internationally

You wouldn’t want to be King Coal these days. The coal mining industry, once a pillar of the US economy, is in the dumps as demand for the carbon-intensive black rock continues to plummet. Here in the United States, coal demand fell…
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by: Ted Nace – September 17, 2013


A Clearinghouse for Shared Information on King Coal

NASA climatologist James Hansen is sometimes called “the godfather of climate science” for his pioneering efforts to warn the world about the threat of global warming. Hansen could also be called the godfather of Earth Island Institute-sponsored project CoalSwarm. It was Hansen who, in 2007, called for a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants after US power companies revealed plans to build more than 150 such plants in the country. His proposal…
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by: Ted Nace – Winter 2013

We’ve Been Here Before

American History Offers a Hopeful Lesson in Checking Corporate Power

Anyone looking for the source of today’s tsunami of corporate money in politics might consider blaming Earth Day 1970. Earth Day? Kids picking up litter and swatting giant beachballs painted like Planet Earth? That’s certainly part of what happened on the first Earth Day, but it bears reminding that in the early 1970s the environmental movement was on such a roll, and corporate America was doing such a poor job of defending…
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by: Ted Nace – Autumn 2012

Ready to Rumble

A Global Movement Is Bringing Down King Coal – One Power Plant at a Time.

It’s a cold March morning in Washington, DC, still dark. As I approach Freedom Plaza I spot about a dozen warmly dressed people standing on the east side of the park, and find my contact, Annie Sartor of the Rainforest Action Network. I’m here to see some sort of protest against coal – beyond that I don’t know much. Until the last minute, Sartor has been reluctant to tell me the exact…
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by: Ted Nace – Summer 2010


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