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Keystone XL Isn’t the Only Key

Canadian oil producers seeking to expand existing pipelines to get tar sands oil to the US market

The battle over TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline continues to rage as both sides dig into their strategic playbooks for the Hail Mary pass that might tip the contest in their favor. The stakes, of course, are high. The multi-billion dollar project would…
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by: Ron Johnson – June 7, 2013

Ocean Fertilization Could be a Boon to Fish Stocks

Geoengineering concerns surrounding British Columbia iron-dumping incident only part of the story

The ocean fertilization experiment that occurred this summer off the coast of British Columbia has generated intense controversy over the prospect of a rogue eco-vigilante engaging in geoengineering — that is, the manipulation of ecosystems to counteract the greenhouse effect. The experiment,…
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by: Ron Johnson – October 31, 2012

Canadian Environmentalists Protest Their Government’s Attacks Against Activists and NGOs

Wide Range of Groups Participating in BlackOutSpeakOut Campaign

A coalition of Canadian environmental groups is turning up the heat on the federal government this coming week to protest what they are calling “unprecedented actions” by government officials to curtail democratic debate and public process regarding Canada’s development of the Alberta…
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by: Ron Johnson – June 3, 2012

Canadian Govt Tries to Crack Down on Canadians and Americans Opposed to Tar Sands Pipeline

Government dubs Vancouver group “Enemy of the State” and warns of foreign “radicals”

Andrew Frank is fast becoming a symbol for everything that is wrong with the Canadian federal government when it comes to Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline and the supposedly impartial Joint Review Panel that is deciding whether to approve the mammoth, twin pipeline…
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by: Ron Johnson – February 21, 2012

With Keystone XL Delayed, Tar Sands Fight Turns to Enbridge Pipeline

Indigenous Groups Organizing to Halt Pipeline through British Columbia

With approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline stalled by the White House, the battle over the expansion of the Alberta tar sands and continuation of the carbon economy has turned to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline. Northern Gateway calls for a 1,177-kilometer…
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by: Ron Johnson – December 5, 2011

What Does Canada’s Election Mean for the Fate of the Tar Sands?

Conservative Party Takes Control of Government

At first glance, the ‪re-election‬ of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a serious setback to those on both sides of the border who are battling expansion of the Alberta tar sands and trying, at the very least, to improve environmental standards…
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by: Ron Johnson – May 9, 2011

Tunnel Vision

Oil companies are determined to build two massive new pipelines to transport crude from the tar sands. Local activists, concerned about spills and water quality, have geared up to fight them.

istockphoto.com “This is our last fight. For us, for the four-legged ones, for the flyers and the swimmers.” Those are the words of Helen Clifton, a passionate Gitga’at elder from Hartley Bay, a village situated in the Great Bear Rainforest – the largest intact temperate rainforest left on the planet. Clifton’s town is about 40 miles south of the port city of Kitimat, where the Canadian energy company Enbridge is planning to…
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by: Ron Johnson – Spring 2011

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