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by Chris Carlsson
278 pages, AK Press, 2008

Been daydreaming of living in a vibrant neighborhood where you bike to your community garden to harvest your lunch, volunteer at a bike co-op, and run your computer on free software? According to Chris Carlsson’s new book Nowtopia, these kernels of the future are being sown now. Nowtopia touts a green post-capitalism where these ways of living are not merely lifestyle choices or get-rich-quick schemes but the outcomes of self-organized movements that…
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by: Robert Ovetz – Winter 2010

Big fish are mostly gone

Our demand for large amounts of inexpensive fish is emptying the ocean.

It's common knowledge that we are running out of oil. What's not so well known is that we are also running out of big fish. The harsh realization that catches of big fish – marlin, sharks, swordfish and tuna – are declining rapidly is beginning to sink in. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization considers about 75 percent of all fish fully exploited, over-exploited or depleted. The crisis can be seen most…
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by: Robert Ovetz – June 2006


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