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A Race To Save A Continent

A British couple is running the length of South America for its wilderness and wildlife

On the opening day of London’s 2012 Summer Olympics, Brits David and Katharine Lowrie, both in their 30s, kicked off their own race in Patagonia. The challenge? To run the length of South America unsupported, some 5000 miles south to north, in…
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by: Patrick Holian – May 9, 2013

Rewilding Efforts Step Up in Scotland

Beavers and white-tailed eagles are back. Now the country is considering reintroducing other species like lynx, moose, and bear

Simon Jones walks along a densely wooded trail in the Knapdale Forest of Argyll in Scotland and points out a few large beaver dams along the banks of Loch Coille Bharr. Beavers were hunted to extinction for their fur and musk in…
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by: Patrick Holian – December 11, 2012

Hunters of the Scottish Skies

Last seen in the British Isles a century ago, white-tailed eagles are now being reintroduced to one of their ancestral homes.

It is June 2012 in a wilderness area near Ålesund, Norway. Summer is quickly changing this cold, rugged place of fjord and glacier into the land of the midnight sun. Forty feet off the ground, Rhian Evans of Britain’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is perched in the branches of a Sitka spruce. She is here to collect white-tailed eagles, one of the largest raptors in the world. photo…
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by: Patrick Holian – Winter 2013


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