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Not a Pretty Picture

More than 500 cosmetics sold in the United States contain chemicals banned from beauty products in Europe, Canada, and Japan.
A proposed law aims to change that.

With her head of unruly, thick red hair, Susanne Harvey was easily enticed by the promise of a sleek, smooth new look. The innovative beauty treatment, which Harvey had seen touted at local salons and in women’s magazines, guaranteed a “natural way to fight frizzies.” So when she settled into the chair at her favorite beauty spot for the 90-minute makeover, she was excited. Little did the 39-year-old real estate professional from…
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by: Noelle Robbins – Spring 2011

Not a Square to Spare

Toilet paper, it turns out, grows on trees

We spent the summer riveted, consumed by the 24/7 webcam images that simultaneously attracted and repulsed. Many of us wondered which was worse: The waste itself, or the binging that brought it all on. We doubted the mess could ever be cleaned up. Disgusting as they may be, the brownish-black plumes that belched from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico for nearly three months (and the oil consumption behind it) are,…
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by: Noelle Robbins – Autumn 2010

Annie Leonard

… and The Story of Stuff

In December 2007, Annie Leonard released the online video The Story of Stuff, which, in a lively graphic style, sums up her past 20 years in global pursuit of the truth about the things we buy, use, and throw away. Written by Leonard, and filmed in partnership with Free Range Studios, The Story of Stuff has been viewed by millions. The video’s Web site averages 10,000 hits per day, and Leonard gets…
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by: Noelle Robbins – Winter 2010


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