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Pollution Still Plagues Most US Beach Waters and the Great Lakes

In 2011 America’s Beaches Saw the Third-Highest Number of Closing and Advisory Days in Over Two Decades

As a kid, summer meant one thing to me: long, lazy days at Hampton Beach in Rockingham, New Hampshire. Luckily for me, Hampton Beach consistently scores well on beach water quality reports. Unfortunately for others, many popular beaches across the US don't…
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by: Nicky Ouellet – June 27, 2012

Environmentalists Fighting a Proposed Highway that Would Bisect Maine

Critics Say Highway Could be a Trojan Horse for Moving Natural Gas or Tar Sands Oil

If you build it, they will come. That seems to be the logic behind a new proposal to build a highway connecting eastern seaports in Maine with major highways in northwestern Canada. Although the idea is by no means new, the approach,…
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by: Nicky Ouellet – June 19, 2012

Cities’ Trash Projected to Double by 2025

As Urbanization Increases So Does Amount of Garbage

Golfers out for a relaxed game at Park Ridge Golf Course in Palm Springs might be surprised to learn that they are teeing off on an old landfill. Underneath them and a thick blanket of sod rests the refuse of the city.…
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by: Nicky Ouellet – June 12, 2012

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