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Kumi Naidoo

Kumi Naidoo is the real thing. Naidoo, who became the Executive Director of Greenpeace International in November 2009, is not your typical career environmentalist. In a recent conversation, he was refreshingly unguarded for the director of a large global organization. Instead of safe, polished soundbites, Naidoo tended toward a deeper dialogue that was full of context, storytelling, and emotional nuance. Naidoo became an activist at just 15 years old in apartheid South…
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by: Nell Greenberg – Summer 2010

Dr. James Hansen

World Development Movement A recent New York Times article pointedly asked whether NASA climate scientist Dr. James Hansen still matters. The subtext to the story was, has Hansen been too vocal and too unconventional in his criticism of Washington’s response to climate change to be taken seriously? Hansen, dubbed by some as the “father of global warming,” has been connecting the dots between science and politics since his groundbreaking 1988 testimony to…
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by: Nell Greenberg – Autumn 2009

Tara Lohan

In the US, we have had the good fortune, mostly, to take for granted that water is a human right. Aside from summer drought warnings asking us to take shorter showers, very few states have felt the limits of this seemingly unlimited resource. Popular images of water – the billboards for bottled water or the brochures for lakeside suburban developments – imply a boundless supply that flows through our lives for little…
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by: Nell Greenberg – Autumn 2008


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