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Cash for Trash

Brazil’s Unemployed Catadores Keep Recycling Rates High while Earning Much-Needed Cash.

photo michael fox Eli Balim meticulously works her way through an enormous heap of garbage. Her hands – scarred from years of handling broken shards – quickly open each bag, toss the glass bottles into a waste-high dumpster, and pull out everything that’s useless, dangerous, or can’t be recycled. Her powerful body heaves the bag over the wall into a heap that will soon be sorted into piles of plastic, tin, and…
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by: Michael Fox – Spring 2010

Get on the Bus

Curitiba, Brazil Rolls Out a Transit Solution

Wesley Willis (1963 – 2003). www.artofwesleywillis.com. The first thing a visitor to Curitiba, Brazil sees upon arriving at the city’s bus terminal is a line of aged boxcars just across the street. Left out in front of the old train depot, the broken down cars are spraypainted and empty, lost beneath overgrown vegetation. Railroad tracks come from nowhere, then suddenly stop, perhaps the remnants of the city’s trolley system, which was gutted…
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by: Michael Fox – Summer 2008

Trash Collectors

Venezuela’s Geografía Viva improves quality of life through composting education in elementary schools. Vicente Emilio Sojo Bolivarian School is tucked into the labyrinth of streets and corridors of La Vega, a Caracas barrio of more than 100,000 residents on the southern end of the Venezuelan capital. Through the classroom windows, block homes stacked one on another stretch across the countryside. An improvised garbage dump sits just outside the school, where a small,…
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by: Michael Fox – Winter 2008


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