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Center for Safe Energy

Lessons in Ecotourism

In April, ten Russian environmental leaders from Siberia’s Lake Baikal were hosted in the SF Bay Area by the Center for Safe Energy to study ecotourism practices from some of the United States’ leaders in responsible tourism. The planet’s oldest and largest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal is fast turning into a hot tourist destination. As a result, local parks and nature reserve officials, tour operators, and environmental groups are grappling with finding…
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by: Melissa Prager – Summer 2011

Lessons on Alternative Energy, from Tajikistan

The passengers on the 3AM flight from Khujand to Moscow were Tajik laborers, the majority of whom were flying for their first time. The men fly to Moscow to make ten times the amount of money as construction workers than they would…
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by: Melissa Prager – August 12, 2010

Center for Safe Energy

Siberia: The Next Costa Rica?

The word “Siberia” typically conjures up visions of gulags and frozen tundra. But with its hot springs, waterfalls, white sand beaches, and breathtaking mountain ranges, the region is making a move to become the next great ecotourism destination. In an effort to encourage low-impact travel to Siberia, the Center for Safe Energy brought a delegation of Russian national park rangers and environmental educators to visit the San Francisco Bay Area in February.…
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by: Melissa Prager – Summer 2010


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