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Kauai Council Votes Today to Save GMO Regulation Bill

Hawai’ian island has become latest battleground in fight over genetic modification

Lawmakers in Kauai today will decide the fate of a hotly debated bill that would require agri-biotech companies to disclose details about the pesticides they are using as well as the genetically modified crops they are growing on the Hawai‘ian island. Photo…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – November 14, 2013

Dramatic Footage of Russian forces storming Arctic Sunrise

Greenpeace video shows 'Arctic 30' being arrested after activists’ attempt to board Gazprom oil rig

The scene could have been from a fast-paced action flick — a helicopter hovers over a ship out at sea, a rope is flung down to the deck, masked gunmen drop down...  Except, the gun-battle or violent action sequence that should have…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – November 8, 2013

Environmentalists Beat Back Arizona Land Swap Bill Once More

Legislation seeks to privatize prime public land for foreign mining company – Resolution Copper

A land exchange bill that proposes to swap thousands of acres of federal and private land to make way for a massive copper mine in Southeast Arizona was unexpectedly pulled off the House floor last month, much to the surprise, and relief,…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – October 14, 2013

California Poised to be First State to Ban Lead Ammunition

Bill to phase out toxic bullets and shots that poison condors and other wild animals passes state senate

California may soon become the first state in the US to ban the use of lead ammunition in hunting. The state Senate passed legislation on Monday that would require all licensed hunters in California to use non-lead ammunition starting July 2019. Lead…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – September 11, 2013

Is the US Forest Service Trying to Help a Cash-Strapped Canadian Mining Company?

Agency has been attempting speed up decision-making on proposed Rosemont copper mine in Arizona's Coronado National Forest, say activists

The US Forest Service seems to have been unusually eager to help a Canadian mining company with a dubious track record and financial troubles set up an open pit copper mine in Arizona’s Coronado National Forest. The agency’s efforts, however, might be…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – September 4, 2013

Modified Stands

Will genetically engineered trees help save the climate or will they alter forests forever?

In late May, forest biologists, geneticists, and forestry industry officials from across the world gathered at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina to discuss ongoing research in tree genetics. One of the key sessions at the weeklong “Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference” dealt with the “different aspects of the use of transgenics, including gains in productivity, gene flow, and societal acceptance.” The last point, it turned out, would be the attendees’…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – Autumn 2013

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Businesses Go Beyond Plastic

Between the two of them, Kris and Emma Barber were wearing more than 40 plastic bottles. All right, I confess, I wrote that line because it sounds neat. It’s true, as well. The couple’s identical outfits (soft black t-shirts and khaki pants), as well as Kris Barber’s blue fleece jacket, were all made from fabric produced from recycled plastic bottles. “It’s basically just like polyester,” Kris said as he good-naturedly allowed this…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – Autumn 2013

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