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WTO Ruling on Mexican Tuna Fisheries Is a Blow for Dolphins

Conservationists denounce trade body ruling that US “Dolphin Safe” tuna-labeling rules discriminate against Mexico

In a setback for dolphins, the World Trade Organization ruled on Tuesday that the United States’ “Dolphin Safe” tuna-labeling regulations unfairly discriminates against Mexico by restricting its access to US markets and that Mexico can seek $163 million a year in trade…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – April 27, 2017

Strawberries, Spinach Top Dirty Dozen List of Produce Containing Pesticides

Report finds pesticide residues often remain on fruits and vegetables even after they are washed

For the second year in a row, strawberries topped the “Dirty Dozen” list of pesticide-contaminated produce that the Environmental Working Group complies every year. Spinach was a close second on the list of fruits and vegetables to avoid released by EWG last…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – March 9, 2017

Built-in Peril

Miranda Brandon

Miranda BrandonMourning DoveClick or tap any of these images to view all of them as a slideshow In 2013, while volunteering with Audubon Minnesota’s Project BirdSafe – which monitors bird deaths due to window strikes – Miranda Brandon collected dozens of dead birds from the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The painful experience inspired Brandon, then a Master of Fine Arts student at the University of Minnesota, to create a series…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – Spring 2017

More Near-Disasters Like Oroville Are Very Likely in the Future, Say Experts

Despite increasing evidence of climate impacts, state isn’t considering climate change for new dams and water storage projects that are in the works

As the skies continued to open up over the past few days and evacuations were being ordered in many parts of Northern California, like many others in this state, I couldn’t but wonder if other dams in California could run into the…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – February 21, 2017

Gaps in Lead Screening Policies Across States Put Our Children at Risk

Elevated lead exposure in a significant number of US children is going undetected, says report

Until a few weeks ago, I’d not considered the problem of lead contamination as something I should worry about personally. This, despite the fact that I live in a house built in the 1930s with old doors and windows with lead paint.…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – January 23, 2017

The Most Important Environmental Stories of 2016

The past year brought a lot to agonize about, but also some news to cheer and draw inspiration from

It’s been quite a year. I wouldn’t put 2016 down as a particularly great trip around sol, but it has definitely been an eventful, historic year. As we began drawing our annual tally of the most important environmental stories of the year…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra – December 28, 2016

An Intersectional Movement

photo by Jonathan Klett Native leaders and scholars have repeatedly pointed out the limitations of framing Standing Rock and other indigenous opposition to fossil fuel extraction as purely a climate justice movement. These movements, they say, are simply the latest manifestation of native peoples’ long and checkered struggle against settler colonialism. “We are struggling against constant erasure and the fact that people still don’t realize that colonialism exists,” says Nick Estes (Lower…
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by: Maureen Nandini Mitra

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