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Plugging into City Hall

The EV revolution requires charging stations and political buy-in

In case you need convincing that electric vehicles are going mainstream, the New York Times declared “EV” one of its "Words That Made the Year" on Sunday. Still, most of us know little-to-nothing about lithium-ion phosphate batteries or battery management software. But…
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by: Mary Catherine O'Connor – December 21, 2010

Make Room in the Garage for Your SAV ... Suburban Air Vehicle

Americans spend 4.2 billion hours a year stuck in traffic each year, according to the transportation research group TRIP, and this costs them $78.2 billion in wasted time and fuel. Brien Seeley, the president of the Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency Foundation (CAFE),…
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by: Mary Catherine O'Connor – December 9, 2010

EMF Concerns Causing Smart Grid Interference

The smart grid is supposed to deliver clean energy salvation, bringing renewable energy mainstream and enabling rate payers to optimize energy use and lower their rates through smart meters that provide two-way wireless communication portals to utility providers. That’s the vision. But…
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by: Mary Catherine O'Connor – December 6, 2010

Homeward Bound

Joe Riis

Each year in Wyoming a herd of pronghorn makes the longest land-mammal migration in the continental United States, moving between calving grounds in Grand Teton National Park and wintering areas north of Yellowstone National Park. The pronghorn have made the same 150-mile journey for centuries beyond memory. Now, their ancient migration corridor is threatened by development. At one point near Pinedale, WY, the animals’ route is squeezed between the Green River and…
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by: Mary Catherine O'Connor – Winter 2011

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