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Uncertainty About Our Climate’s Future is No Excuse for Inaction in Dealing with Global Warming

Book Review: Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World

In dealing with the dangers of global warming of our planet, what is the best way to consider our responses, both as individuals and as a society? Ethicist John Broome walks us through this process in his new book Climate Matters, a…
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by: Mark J. Palmer – August 31, 2012

Stop South Korea’s Whaling Scam

Nation Proposes to Continue Whaling via Trumped-up “Scientific Research” Program

At last week’s International Whaling Commission in Panama, the government of South Korea surprised member states with an announcement that they would shortly start killing whales under scientific permit, much like Japan does now. Photo by Blake MaybankMinke Whale off Tadoussac, Quebec.…
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by: Mark J. Palmer – July 13, 2012

‘Don’t Weaken the Dolphin Safe Label,’ Lawmakers Urge Obama

Misguided WTO Ruling Puts Dolphins at Risk, Misleads Consumers

Representative Ed Markey and 42 other Democrat lawmakers sent a letter to President Obama yesterday, urging him to threaten Mexico with cuts in economic assistance if it didn’t drop its case against the Dolphin Safe tuna at the World Trade Organization. Photo…
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by: Mark J. Palmer – June 1, 2012

Dolphin Killing Declining in Japan

Market for Dolphin and Whale Meat Collapsing Due To Increased Awareness About Mercury Contamination

The mass slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, as depicted in The Cove documentary, is declining.  Earth Island’s Cove Monitors – volunteers who observe and record the dolphin hunts during the entire 5-month season from September through the end of February –…
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by: Mark J. Palmer – April 26, 2012

Obama Administration to Appeal WTO Decision Against Dolphins

Mexico Is Seeking to Overturn the Dolphin Safe Label on Tuna

The Obama administration announced last week that it is in the process of appealing a 2011 decision by the World Trade Organization (WTO) that seeks to weaken the US Dolphin Safe tuna standards. The move has been applauded by Earth Island Institute’s…
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by: Mark J. Palmer – January 25, 2012

WTO Ruling on US ‘Dolphin Safe’ Tuna Label is a Mixed Bag

False Claims by Mexico and Other Nations Shouldn’t Weaken Label’s Standards

A World Trade Organization (WTO) decision on the “Dolphin Safe” tuna label has been making headlines lately, leading to speculation about what it means for the status of the label and the standards the tuna industry require to maintain to be eligible…
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by: Mark J. Palmer – September 22, 2011

International Marine Mammal Project

Sting Supports the Dolphins

This winter, several volunteers have gone to Taiji, Japan at their own expense to monitor the annual dolphin hunts on behalf of Earth Island’s IMMP. They’ve provided updates for Ric O’Barry’s blog and filmed the unimaginable carnage as dolphins die among their own family in a welter of blood. The videos graphically show that recent claims by the Japan Fisheries Agency are a lie. Japanese officials have said that since the…
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by: Mark J. Palmer – Spring 2011

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