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Conservation Groups and Municipalities Urge Ban on Rat Poisons in California

More than 45,000 people support bill restricting use of rodenticides that have harmed people and animals

A coalition of 57 conservation, public-health, research and wildlife-rehabilitation groups, the city of Malibu, Mayor of Richmond, Marin County, and more than 45,000 people have called for prohibitions on the most toxic rat and mouse poisons because of the unnecessary risk to…
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by: Lisa Owens Viani – April 5, 2016

Bobcats Are the Latest Victims of Rat Poison in California

Poisons meant to kill rodents are indiscriminately killing everything else, including birds and animals that prey on them

The recent deaths of three bobcats in Santa Cruz, CA are yet more tragic evidence of the toll rat poison is taking on our wildlife and how it has infiltrated the environment. One of the bobcats still had a young kitten with…
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by: Lisa Owens Viani – January 22, 2015

Reckitt Benckiser to Scrap Over-the-Counter Rat Poisons, But We Aren’t Celebrating Yet

Two other toxic anticoagulants and several poisons are still available to consumers and the pest control industry

It seemed like cause for celebration at first — the announcement that after six years of stalling, Reckitt Benckiser had finally agreed to comply with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s orders on some of its dangerous d-CON brand consumer rat poisons. But…
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by: Lisa Owens Viani – June 10, 2014

d-Con — Our Next DDT?

Reckitt Benckiser sues California over ban on rat poison that kills wildlife

Last week I wrote about California’s new plans to ban over-the-counter sales of certain anticoagulant rodenticides that are taking a huge toll on the state’s wildlife (Read the report here). But no sooner had the Department of Pesticide Regulation announced the ban,…
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by: Lisa Owens Viani – April 4, 2014

Why California’s Ban on Retail Sale of Toxic Rat Poisons Isn’t Enough

Licensed pest control operators will still be allowed to use rodenticides that kill wildlife and pets

Reckitt Benckiser, the maker of d-Con rat poison, has held the US EPA hostage for the past several years, keeping it from implementing stricter rules about the use of dangerous rat poisons—the products that are killing pets and wildlife. But on March…
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by: Lisa Owens Viani – March 27, 2014

Raptors Are The Solution

Rat Poison Could Cause a Silent Spring for Raptors

On a foggy summer morning in 2007, my Berkeley, CA neighborhood was preparing for our annual Fourth of July street fair when a neighbor came running over with a black plastic garbage bag. He wanted to know if I could identify the two dead birds inside. When I pulled the bodies out, I was dismayed to see that they were fledgling Cooper’s hawks, probably from the nest I had been watching as…
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by: Lisa Owens Viani – Summer 2013


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