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Why Environmentalists Should Care about Pet Euthanasia

We treat our companion animals like we treat our disposable products

Each morning when I check my daily Facebook feed, I am greeted by the large, lovely eyes of dozens of cats. These are not the scrunched up, comic faces of LOLCats or YouTube clips featuring a fluffy gray kitten adorably attacking apples…
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by: Laura Kiesel – September 23, 2012

Beware the Bends

While white-nose syndrome poses a risk to many species of cave-dwelling bats in the Northeast, migratory tree bats across the nation face a different type of threat: wind turbines. Unlike their hibernating cousins, migratory tree bats – which include the hoary bat, the silver-haired bat, and the eastern red bat – do not inhabit caves. Instead they roost in trees and seasonally travel long distances following warmer weather, much like birds. Over…
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by: Laura Kiesel – Spring 2012

Call of the Wild

For naturalists and wildlife aficionados, a month spent wolf-watching in Yellowstone probably sounds like a dream come true. But what if it meant standing exposed in the bone-chilling cold for hours, skiing with a heavy pack for miles each day, and staring out at the blank-white expanse that is the Yellowstone landscape in winter? All to catch a sighting or two of wolves, or signs of their presence. Courtesy Yellowstone Wolf Project…
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by: Laura Kiesel – Summer 2011


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