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What India’s Decision to Ban Dolphin Captivity Means

Move indicates a growing understanding that cetaceans are ‘nonhuman persons’

The Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests’ decision to ban dolphin captivity within India has been making waves around the world. The unprecedented decision is particularly significant because it reflects an increasing global understanding that dolphins deserve better protections based on who…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – June 12, 2013

South Korea Theme Park Forced to Return Dolphins Back to the Sea

Dolphins' journey to freedom highlights ethical issues of keeping cetaceans in captivity

In a landmark ruling, the South Korean supreme court has ordered Pacific Land, a dolphinarium on the south coast of Jeju Island, to free four of its dolphins.  A dolphin being transfered out of the Pacific Land facility. The theme park originally…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – April 12, 2013

Whale Roadkill: Not a Thing of the Past Quite Yet

Changes to shipping lanes near SF Bay may help, but proposals for the Santa Barbara Channel Islands fall short of the mark

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) recently announced vessel lane changes for the approach to San Francisco Bay, the Santa Barbara Channel, and the Los Angeles and Long Beach port complex, will involve extending some shipping lanes, narrowing the width of others, and…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – January 15, 2013

No Dolphinariums in India, Nation’s Environment Ministry Advises its States

Preemptive move follows proposals for captive dolphin facilities in several Indian states

While dolphin captivity is largely being phased out in countries across the globe, spurred by a growing understanding of who dolphins are — in some places the battle is still raging between the captivity industry and informed individuals. Thanks to organizations like…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – January 10, 2013

Evidence of Beluga Intelligence Raises Questions about Captivity

A growing number scientific and anecdotal reports suggest that there is much more to a cetacean’s brain than the captivity industry might care to admit

 NOC, the ‘talking’ beluga whale who has become posthumously famous after the release of a report revealing his speech, had the same legal standing as the computer or handheld device that you are using to read this article. After his capture from…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – December 7, 2012

South Korean Captive Dolphins have a Shot at Freedom

In First-of-its-Kind Ruling, Judge Orders Release of Five Captive Dolphins

South Korea could be well on it’s way to becoming a dolphin-friendly nation. Like many other countries, it has captive facilities where dolphins are made to perform degrading tricks and live in unbearably small tanks. But a recent ruling on the case…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – May 10, 2012

Cruel Slaughter Video Highlights Need for Harsher Penalty for Animal Welfare Offenders

Illegal LA Slaughterhouse Proves that Locally-Sourced Meat Might Not Always be Ethical

As the horrific conditions on factory farms continue to be brought to the public’s attention, compassionate consumers are turning to local suppliers to buy their meat, under the impression that the animals are treated more “humanely” at these outlets. Unfortunately, this is…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – April 16, 2012

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