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‘Friend of the Sea’ and ‘Dolphin Safe Tuna’ Team Up Against Ocean Abuse

Collaboration Will Help Ensure That the World’s Tuna Industry Remains Sustainable and Accountable

When choosing tuna for one’s dinner plate, finding something sustainable can be a daunting, often impossible task. It is no secret that the global fishing industry is plundering the oceans at an alarming and devastating rate, with incidences of bottom trawling, appalling…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – March 1, 2012

Public Outcry Compels to Pull Whale Products from Site

Retail Giant’s Japanese Subsidiary Was Selling 147 Food Products Made from Cetaceans, Including Endangered Whales

Retail giant was exposed on Tuesday (February 21) as selling endangered whale and dolphin meat among their expansive list of online offerings on its Japanese website. However, following international outcry Amazon reportedly pulled these products from their website by Wednesday, with…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – February 23, 2012

PETA Lawsuit Might Force Us to Rethink our Relationship with Animals

“Orca Slavery” Case Against SeaWorld Questions Our Authority to Treat Other Living Beings As Property

It’s tough to be an animal rights advocate these days, or even someone with an ounce of compassion and an awareness of the atrocities that our species visits upon all others. An overwhelming number of people remain oblivious to the suffering that…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – November 15, 2011

Obama Isn’t Saving the Whales

Without Economic Sanctions it’s Unlikely Iceland will End its Whaling Program

There is nothing quite like a trade sanction to help persuade a country into changing its behaviour. Which is why President Obama’s decision to waive all economic sanctions against Iceland for their illegal whaling operations has left people scratching their heads. Earth…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – September 16, 2011

Why People Should Stop Buying Tickets to Captive Dolphin Shows

Live Dolphin Exports a Major Reason for Continuing Hunts in Japan

This year’s second dolphin drive hunt in Taji, Japan, took place on September 10. It involved the capture of a pod of bottlenose dolphins and the selection of one “show quality” individual who is destined for a life in captivity. It will…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – September 13, 2011

Japan Dolphins Day – Note from Taji

Raising Awareness within Japan is Key to Halting Dolphin Slaughter

As our bus pulled into the parking lot across from "The Cove", which many of you have seen in the in the Oscar-winning documentary bearing that name, we immediately knew that our efforts had been a success. The normally sleepy Japanese town…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – September 2, 2011

Bluefin tuna – on the brink of extinction

Why we stand to lose much more than an item off a seafood menu

The bluefin tuna has become such a prominent cornerstone of our consumptive culture that its name is rarely unaccompanied by the words ‘sandwich’ or ‘sushi’. For many generations, this enormous fish has nourished people from every walk of life — from the…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – April 25, 2011

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