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Bill to End Dolphin and Whale Captivity Reintroduced In Canada

If passed, legislation would prohibit acquisition and captive breeding of cetaceans

A federal bill to end dolphin and whale captivity throughout Canada was reintroduced by Nova Scotia Senator Wilfred Moore in early December. The bill first made its appearance this past summer, at a time when the conservative Harper government held sway over…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – December 30, 2015

Not Our Oceans, Not Our Whales: What We Must All Do To Stop Whaling

It’s time to move beyond our culture’s anthropocentric view of the living world

As Japan sets off on a mission to kill whales in the Antarctic Ocean, outraged people the world over have come together to denounce the country’s actions. Before placing all the blame on the country, however, we ought to look at how…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – December 9, 2015

No, SeaWorld Is Not Phasing Out Orca Shows

The marine entertainment company is reworking its orca shows, not eliminating them

Yesterday’s headlines proclaiming that SeaWorld will be ending orca whale shows were almost as misleading as the alleged "educational value" of the shows themselves. On Monday, SeaWorld announced that it will “phase out” the San Diego park’s theatrical killer whale show in…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – November 10, 2015

Former SeaWorld trainer says that at the end of the day, Orcas are ‘just working for their food’

In Conversation: Jeffrey Ventre

Jeffrey Ventre spent seven years as a whale and dolphin trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, during which time he became critical of the marine entertainment industry. Now a medical doctor in Washington, he has become a vocal opponent of the practice of keeping…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – October 20, 2015

‘Animal Abuse and Harassment is a Pervasive Problem in the Wildlife Film Industry’

In Conversation with wildlife filmmaker Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer is one of the world’s foremost wildlife documentary experts. Over the course of his nearly three-decade long career in filmmaking, Palmer has spearheaded the production of more than 300 hours of original programming for prime-time television and the IMAX film…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – August 25, 2015

SeaWorld Attempts to Muzzle Academic and Scientist Critical of Cetacean Captivity

Effort linked to company’s portrayal of any person or group who opposes captivity as being “radicals”

When it comes to silencing those who cause damage to their bottom line, SeaWorld clearly has no qualms with pulling dirty tricks.  At the American Cetacean Society's annual conference last November, SeaWorld defied convention and requested that a panel that included scientists…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – March 6, 2015

Where in the World is Narnia, the Sochi Olympics Orca?

Activists have lost track of two captive killer whales slated to perform at the winter games’ opening ceremony

No one seems to know whereabouts of the two orcas, a female named Narnia and an unnamed juvenile male, that were reportedly going to perform at the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. News that the two killer whales were scheduled to…
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by: Laura Bridgeman – February 4, 2014

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