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A New Geography of Hope

In a warming world we’ll discover that wilderness continues to sustain us.

photo: © Tim Aiken / NBP/ Wilderness After some serious wandering through a thicket of fire-blackened spars, we were able to find the burnt butt of the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness boundary sign and a vague indentation where the trail had been. Some of the great Douglas firs still stood, but their limbs had burned to stubs and their bark hung in scabby patches on the trunks. The wildfire had burned entirely through…
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by: Kathleen Dean Moore – Autumn 2014

Anthropocene is the Wrong Word

Has the human impact on Earth “cut to the very bone” of deep time, as some have claimed, effectively ending the Holocene Epoch and ushering in what should be called the Anthropocene? Yes – and then No. Yes, we are bringing the Holocene Epoch to a dismal end, and we need to face the full horror of what we are doing. We are recklessly destroying the ecological and geophysical conditions under which…
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by: Kathleen Dean Moore – Spring 2013


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