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Is Environmentalism Dead?

A response to the recent essay ”The Death of Environmentalism“

The re-election of that very problematic George carried an expensive lesson: that in spite of all the tremendous organizing, new strategies, and rallying ‘round that environmentalists did to defeat the Bush agenda — we need to get bigger, be smarter and more creative. In that respect, Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus’s essay “The Death of Environmentalism” is not very useful or even new. Their arguments mirrored many ideas put forth way back…
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by: Karen Pickett – Summer 2005

In Review

Primal Tears by Kelpie Wilson NorthAtlantic Books, 2005 320 pages, $13.95 Primal Tears is a funny, deep, exciting, and biologically correct novel springing from an innovative idea: What if efforts to bring back endangered species from the brink are taken another step through a different kind of captive breeding program, with human surrogate mothers carrying the endangered fetus to term, thereby increasing birth rate of the species threatened with extinction? Not possible…
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by: Karen Pickett – Summer 2006


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