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Frackers Win With Obama’s New Greenhouse Gas Rule

Most Natural Gas Plants Already Meet Proposed Emissions Limit

On Tuesday the Obama administration released its much anticipated, first-of-a-kind federal standards for greenhouse gas emissions in the country. The fanfare was mixed among both environmentalists and the fossil fuel industry. Photo by Tim HurstUnwanted hydrocarbons being burnt off at a natural…
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by: Joshua Frank – March 29, 2012

Long Beach Wetlands Survive a Proposed $320 Million Development Project

Developers’ Classic Jobs vs. Environment Argument Fails to Convince City Council

Just days before the Christmas holiday, wetland-loving folks in Long Beach, California received an early gift: their hard work had fended off a proposed $320 million development that would have harmed the increasingly vibrant Los Cerritos Wetlands. Photo courtesy Save Los Cerritos…
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by: Joshua Frank – January 24, 2012

Saying No to Coal in the Pacific Northwest

Citizens fight Plans to Use Northwest Ports to Export Powder River Basin Coal to Asian Markets

Picture this. It took years to accomplish, but your state legislature, even the conservative wing, overwhelmingly passed a law that will shut down the single remaining coal plant in the state. To top it off, three proposed coal-fired power plants have also…
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by: Joshua Frank – August 18, 2011

EPA Blocks Permit for Largest Proposed MTR Mine in History

Arch Coal has been looking to expand its environmentally destructive operations at its Spruce 1 mine in West Virginia since the late-1990s, and on January 13 the second-largest coal supplier in the United States hit a roadblock. After enduring a decade of…
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by: Joshua Frank – January 18, 2011


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