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A Legacy of Fighting for Justice

Lawyer behind youth climate change lawsuit comes from a family that’s championed social and environmental causes for generations

On the morning of March 9 2016, 21 young plaintiffs, aged 8 to 19, crowded into a courtroom in Eugene, Oregon, to sue the United States government for failing to protect their environment by allowing continued fossil fuel development that was leading…
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by: John de Graaf – May 30, 2016

In Celebration of John Muir

The American legend’s legacy is especially relevant to today’s environmental movement

Born in Scotland, raised in Wisconsin, John Muir is considered the father of our National Parks system, called by many "America's greatest idea" and later adopted around the world. He was a founder and guiding spirit of the Sierra Club, one of…
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by: John de Graaf – December 23, 2014

The Greatest Modern Presidential Speech Turns 50

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson chose not to believe Americans were condemned to "soulless wealth" and elucidated a new version of American exceptionalism, "The Great Society," valuing quality of life above quantity of stuff. President Lyndon Johnson could have been a…
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by: John de Graaf – May 22, 2014

The Pursuit of Happiness

A New Measure of Societal Progress Can Help Save the Planet – and Us

“Open Happiness.” That tagline – the centerpiece of Coca-Cola’s 2009 advertising campaign – sounds like the perfect encapsulation of our culture’s definition of bliss. The idea of happiness on offer (or on sale) couldn’t be simpler: Consumption equals contentment. Pop open a soda and all will be well. If only it were that easy. It’s not, of course. Since antiquity, humans have struggled to define the good life. What makes us happy?…
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by: John de Graaf – Autumn 2011

For Peak’s Sake

Honoring David Brower

The founder of Earth Island Institute, David Brower, died in November 2000 of complications from cancer at the age of 88, a champion of environmental causes until the very end. A week before his passing, my friend – farmer, author, and photographer Michael Ableman – and I went to see Brower at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. When we left, I told Dave I looked forward to seeing him leading environmental campaigns…
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by: John de Graaf – Spring 2009


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