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Last Summer’s Right-Wing Coup in Honduras Still Threatens Human Rights and the Environment

Jeremy Kryt photoHonduran riot police have met unarmed anti-coup protestors with beatings, chemicals, and in some cases even live rounds. The farmers had been barricaded inside the National Agricultural Institute, in the heart of downtown Tegucigalpa, Honduras, for more than three months. There were almost a hundred of them, including women and children, sleeping in the offices and cooking on wood fires in the courtyard. When I visited, in September of 2009,…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – Winter 2010

Irate in the Caribbean

How the Honduras Coup Threatens the Hemisphere’s Largest Coral Reef

Roatan, Honduras: There’s a troubling silence beneath the palm trees of this Caribbean island paradise, and the quaint sandy streets are empty of tourists. No Jimmy Buffett or Bob Marley tunes are to be heard in the ramshackle beach bars, and many…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – November 29, 2009

Honduras: Anti-Coup Resistance Fears “Trap” for Zelaya

“A Dangerous Situation”

Jeremy Kryt photoHonduran police and soldiers stand guard in front of the National Congress building in the capital. Peaceful protestors have staged a permanent vigil since Monday morning, demanding the restitution of President Mel Zelaya. The controversial, U.S.-brokered peace accord that went…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – November 4, 2009

Honduras: Civil Rights Still Suspended as Talks Stall (Again)

Peaceful Resistance Still Going Strong after “Dystopian” Crackdown

 The defensive barricade in front of the Brazilian Embassy. Hundreds of soldiers and police have set up fortifications like these in the streets, to prevent anyone from approaching the compound, including journalists and human rights workers. Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Martial law continues…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – October 14, 2009

Honduras Dispatch: Interview with Zelaya

Terms Being Offered “Aren’t Sincere”

 Leaders of the nonviolent anti-coup movement confer during a stand-off between police and demonstrators. Tegucigalpa, Honduras – “It’s like being trapped in some kind of Neo-Nazi concentration camp,” said ousted Honduran President Mel Zelaya, during a cell phone interview on Friday afternoon.…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – October 3, 2009

Honduras: Three Months after the Coup

De Facto Regime Continues Reign of Terror

 Masked police officers attempt to disperse a peaceful protest march last week in the capital. ‘We no longer have a right to things like Freedom of Assembly,’ said COFADEH Director Bertha Oliva. City under Siege Tegucigalpa, Honduras – The Brazilian Embassy here…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – September 28, 2009

Dispatch from Honduras

De Facto Regime Terrorizes Father of Slain Youth

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – It’s been a rough summer for the Murillo family. On July 5th – one week after the military coup that ousted democratically-elected president Mel Zelaya – nineteen- year-old Isis Obed Murillo was killed when soldiers opened fire on a…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – September 15, 2009

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