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In Mexico’s Guerrero State, a Battle Is Underway between Indigenous Communities and Drug Cartels

An inside look at the conflict between Native Peoples and narcotraffickers in Mexico's most dangerous state

Mexico’s southwestern Guerrero state is home to the nation’s highest murder rate, and it’s where 43 student teachers went missing last fall. As is the case in many parts of Mexico, the violence is tied directly to the drug trade. In Guerrero,…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – September 14, 2015

Guns, Farms, and Oil: How Colombian Tribes are Being Driven to Extinction

At least 1,800 Indigenous people have been killed and 84,000 more displaced in Colombia in the past 10 years

The tin-roofed, off-the-grid clinic at Chuscal – deep within the U’wa tribe’s reserve in the mountains of northeast Colombia – is packed with patients on a stormy afternoon. There aren’t enough chairs to go around, and some of the sick are sprawled…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – January 14, 2015

Battle in the Clouds

In the Colombian Andes, ecosystems are disappearing faster than scientists can study them.

photos Jeremy KrytClick on this photo to enlarge it and view a slideshow. “From up here you can see it – the land is dying.” Colombian Park Ranger Diomar Castro is standing at the edge of a sheer cliff about 9,000 feet high in the Andes’ Central Cordillera. Castro waves his machete at the denuded, yellow foothills far below. “Twenty years ago that was a cloud forest,” he says with a shrug.…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – Summer 2013

Is a World Bank Loan Funding Murders in Honduras?

Bank-funded palm oil company implicated in “death squad” killings of land-rights activists

The World Bank is facing intense pressure from human rights and environmental groups to cancel a $30 million loan to a palm oil company in Honduras that’s suspected of being involved in the murder of scores of small-scale Indigenous farmers in the…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – April 5, 2013

Killed in the Line of Duty

Violence against environmental activists isn’t limited to Latin America. In many parts of the world, beatings, death threats, and murder are a common way of settling political disputes. Since they are often challenging some of the world’s richest and most powerful industries, environmentalists become targets of abuse. These are just some of the environmental activists who have been killed in the last year. Thongnak Sawekchinda (1964 – 2011) For five years Thongnak…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – Winter 2012

The Last Song of Mario Guifarro

In early September 2007, in defiance of multiple death threats from illegal loggers who opposed their mission, a GPS mapping team made its way by motorized canoe down the Patuca River and into the remote and lawless Tawahka Asongni Biosphere Reserve of Honduras. The Tawahka is one of several linked parks and reserves in the region generally known as Moskitia, a vast swath of savannah and rainforest that takes up most of…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – Winter 2012

Fear and Voting in Honduras

A photographic essay

The worst crisis to hit Central America since the wars of the 1980’s began on June 28, 2009, when Honduran soldiers attacked the home of legal, democratically-elected president Mel Zelaya and exiled him from the country by plane, after a short stop…
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by: Jeremy Kryt – December 17, 2009

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