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Why California Should Pass the New Fracking Moratorium Bill

SB 1132 addresses the loopholes in state’s current fracking regulatory law

Last week, Senators Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) and Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) introduced a new bill, SB 1132, calling for a moratorium on fracking and other types of unconventional well stimulation in the state (like acidizing). Photo by Shoshanna Howard/Food and Water…
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by: Jennifer Krill – February 27, 2014

California Lawmakers Have Approved a Fracking Bill That Pulls All Punches

SB 4 so watered down after pressure from oil and gas industry that it will do more harm than good

Senator Fran Pavley’s (D – Agoura Hills) bill to regulate fracking and acidizing for oil and gas passed the California Assembly by a vote of 47-17 Tuesday. My organization, Earthworks, had initially supported SB 4, but we withdrew our support with after…
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by: Jennifer Krill – September 13, 2013

Minnesota Communities Declare Independence from Frac Sand Land

State has set of strong rules that advance the interests of citizens over the sand mining industry

Last month I visited Wisconsin’s booming silica sand mining region and saw sandstone bluffs strip-mined for sturdy quartz sand that’s essential for the horizontal hydraulic fracturing process used to extract oil and gas from underground shale formations. I saw how residents there…
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by: Jennifer Krill – July 8, 2013

In Frac Sand Land, Residents Have Little Protection Against Silica Dust Exposure

Under Scott Walker’s reign Wisconsin has become a perfect place for unregulated resource extraction

In March, I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Abbas and Robert Nehman of Allamakee County Protectors at the national Frack Attack summit in Dallas, TX. This grassroots group of concerned Iowans is leading the fight against frac sand mining in Iowa.…
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by: Jennifer Krill – June 24, 2013

California’s Draft Fracking Regulations Lets Oil and Gas Companies off the Hook

Public notification of fracking operations required 60 days after cessation of fracking

When the State of California announced with great fanfare back in May that it was going to develop regulations for fracking, many of us assumed that meant some sort of system by which the oil and gas companies would be held accountable…
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by: Jennifer Krill – December 20, 2012

Risking Our Environment and Health to Burn a Few More Years of Natural Gas

US Energy Dept Cuts Marcellus Shale Gas Reserve Estimates by 66%

The big number to remember in natural gas in the US is that we consumed 24 trillion cubic feet of it in 2010. That’s a lot of hydrocarbons. Today, entire sectors are making decisions about future energy choices based on how much…
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by: Jennifer Krill – January 23, 2012

EPA Analysis of Toxic Releases Highlights Need for Stronger Federal Oversight on Industries

Legal Loopholes Still Allow Mining and Oil & Gas Industries to Hide Hazardous Chemical Releases

Yesterday (Jan 5) the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its complete analysis of the most recent Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data. The data gives citizens information about toxic releases into air, water and land by mining companies and industrial facilities in and…
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by: Jennifer Krill – January 6, 2012

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