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Wild at Heart

“The idea of wilderness needs no defense,” Edward Abbey once declared, “it only needs defenders.” It’s a good line and a brave one, but, like so many things, it might not hold up as it once did. September 3 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the Wilderness Act, one of the landmark accomplishments of the modern American environmental movement. We should be celebrating the occasion with champagne and high-fives. Instead,…
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by: Jason Mark – Autumn 2014

Wilderness in the Anthropocene

“The Human Age” makes wildness more important than ever

This article is a sneak preview from Earth Island Journal’s upcoming autumn edition, which will be a special, expanded issue marking the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Wilderness Act and includes articles from Michael Brune, Kathleen Dean Moore, Rick Bass,…
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by: Jason Mark – August 8, 2014

Time in the Wilderness Supplies Lessons for (Planetary) Survival

In celebration of the Wilderness Act’s 50th anniversary

Ah, summertime — the season for getaways to the great outdoors. Maybe that means a lazy float trip down the Russian River, a weekend at the beach, or camping at the nearest state park. If you're especially intrepid, getting away might involve…
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by: Jason Mark – July 28, 2014

In Review: Snowpiercer

No, it’s not another climate change dystopia flick. It’s the first geoengineering dystopia flick

The end of the world won’t be prophesied by the feverish nightmares of the Book of Revelations, but instead by the apocalyptic fantasias of Hollywood. Movie directors just can’t seem to get enough of crafting stylish dystopias. Doomsday is its own genre…
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by: Jason Mark – July 19, 2014

EPA’s New Regulations to Cut Carbon Emissions Are Obamacare for the Air

Just like health care, the plan to change the energy industry relies on a complex set of rules that harnesses the power of the marketplace — and it will be as controversial

Environmentally concerned voters will finally get what they paid for by giving their political support to President Obama when, Monday morning in Washington, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy unveils the draft of sweeping new regulations on existing power plants. Photo by…
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by: Jason Mark – June 2, 2014

Wild Things

Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding
By George Monbiot
Allen Lane, 2013, 316 pages

The year was 1995, and the farmers and townsfolk in the countryside of Cornwall were positive that some kind of big, wild cat was roaming the moors. “The Beast of Bodmin,” they called it. Some people said it was a panther, while others claimed it was a black leopard. The gruesome corpses of sheep – plus a nighttime video sequence of a cat jumping what looked to be a large stone wall…
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by: Jason Mark – Summer 2014

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

In mid-March, 30 US Senators pulled an all-nighter on the Senate floor as one after another got up to speak about the clear and present danger of global climate change. The 15-hour talkathon was not, unfortunately, pegged to any pending legislation to reduce the US’ greenhouse gas emissions. Right now there’s no such thing. Instead, the all-night session was billed as a kind of teach-in, an opportunity to reframe (as the PR…
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by: Jason Mark – Summer 2014

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