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Red, White, and (Hopefully) Green All Over

Here are some of the most environmentally important contests in today's election

The 2016 election has become infamous for its visceral polarization — and environmental issues are no exception. Conservation was once a trans-partisan concern that seemed above party labels: George H.W. Bush, for example, backed several important environmental measures, and a Teddy Roosevelt…
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by: Jason Mark – November 8, 2016

Follow the Money

The fossil fuels divestment movement is making big strides But individual investors have little way of knowing what they own.

Last year, on the eve of the historic People’s Climate March in Manhattan, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (heir to the Standard Oil fortune) made headlines when it announced would it no longer invest its $860 million endowment in fossil fuel companies. Since…
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by: Jason Mark – September 24, 2015

By Protecting the Big, Famous Critters, We Can Preserve Biodiversity as a Whole

New paper says focus on charismatic megafauna has a positive ripple effect

For many years now, a debate has raged within wildlife advocacy organizations and among conservation biologists about whether the popular focus on charismatic megafuana distracts from the larger goals of protecting landscapes and preserving biodiversity. The argument goes like this: Big, often…
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by: Jason Mark – September 16, 2015

Letter from the Shores of the Salish Sea

OR: What I witnessed on my summer vacation — fire and drought in the Pacific NW

As we came in for a landing at the small airport in Bellingham, Washington, I could tell that something was wrong. The landscape appeared unfamiliar to me. The pastures and fields that surround the small city just south of the US-Canada border…
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by: Jason Mark – September 15, 2015

The Heart of Everything That Is

Notes from Lakota Country

The warning was clear and hard to miss: a rectangular yellow sign, posted on the barbed wire fence running alongside the gravel roadway of Tribal Route 2. A triangle at the top of the sign depicted a cannonball exploding into pieces. Below it read: CAUTION FORMER BOMBING RANGE The Area Beyond This Sign Was Used For Military Purposes in Past Years For Your Safety Do Not Disturb Unknown Objects They Could Accidentally…
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by: Jason Mark – Autumn 2015

This Land Is Our Land

Time for Congress to renew the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Aahhh, Labor Day weekend — the last gasp for those all-American summer pastimes of camping, hiking, fishing and backpacking. This holiday millions of Americans will take advantage of the long weekend to make one more adventure into our beautiful public lands before…
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by: Jason Mark – September 3, 2015

Tempest in a Green Bin

Uproar over compost and recycling fees in Oakland illustrates challenges of achieving a zero-waste goal

When Oakland restaurateur Gail Lillian received her July compost bill for her food truck and brick and mortar restaurant, Liba Falafel, she was shocked by the dollar figure. Lillian was expecting to see some increase in her waste disposal bill. She had…
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by: Jason Mark – July 30, 2015

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